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Audio Examples here:


About the Pack:

The pack contains 40 Instruments and 5 kits. Each kit is sequenced in 2 sections, a main drop and a breakdown/ buildup. The sequences for each kit are also included so you can simply drag in the matching sequence to the kit and have your track foundation already built.


Each instrument is sampled from my favorite analog synth but also includes full Q-Link mapping. The first 4 Program Q-links control the following.

1 - High Cut Filter

2- Low Cut Filter

3- Reverb wet/ dry

4- Delay wet/ dry


Right when you load the instrument, you have instant access to sound design and automating some key sound parameters to bring the synths to life. You will also hear some of this automation when you hear the instrument previews in the browser.

Peak Time Techno MPC Expansion

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